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The swimming pool has become an ideal complement to improve our quality of life. The bath gives us peace and relaxation, the pool serves as a meeting place with our family and friends improves our leisure time.

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The temperature of the water is a factor that determines the quality of the bath since we can hardly relax and enjoy our pool if the water is cold ... just imagine the moment we start to enter the pool and the cold water invites us rather to go out with what to enter becomes a sacrifice and not a pleasure.
In the bathing season, even in warm areas such as Andalusia not every day, not even in the summer months, we can enjoy a quality bath because the water cools as a result of the wind and the drop in night temperatures ... And not only this, the bathing season is reduced to 10-12 weeks at best. The heating of the swimming pool allows us to enjoy the bath twice for two reasons:
  • We can extend the bathing season up to 20-24 weeks
  • We can enjoy water at the desired temperature.

How to air-condition a swimming pool?

We have 5 ways to heat your pool

Air Conditioning Methods

Heat Pump

The range of heating systems for swimming pools offered by the market is wide and varied. However, if we look at the value for money one of the most interesting options would undoubtedly be the heat pump. Zodiac heat pumps are affordable, highly efficient and quiet.

They do not require complex installations and their maintenance is minimal. Heat pumps are very effective in extending the bathing season (April-October depending on the weather). The 80% of the energy consumed in heating the pool is free energy and the 20% is electrical energy. This allows you to heat a medium sized family pool for 1 euro a day which makes this heating system a system within reach of all pockets. It is also possible to benefit from Zodiac promotions for your heat pumps, which may allow you to use and enjoy them at zero cost during the first year thanks to the vouchers/cash refunds for the purchase of the same.

Air Conditioning Methods

Electrical Installations

We carry out the necessary electrical installation in case the existing one is not sufficient. We make the by-pass so that the water treatment systems do not damage the electric heater.

We can integrate the electric heater as a back-up system in heated pool installations all year round. We can install domotic systems to control remote heating. We have a wide range of powers and models that will adapt safely to your pool.

Air Conditioning Methods

Solar Energy

Nowadays, one of the most demanded installations is pool heating. As it is a low temperature operation, solar energy is a really interesting alternative.

What you get is to enjoy the pool for more months, and do it in a homogeneous way between 26-28 degrees. The solar radiation that reaches the Earth has been harnessed by humans since ancient times, through different technologies that have evolved over time since its conception...

Air Conditioning Methods


The heat exchanger transfers heat from a boiler or other heat source to your pool water, achieving year-round heating, regardless of the weather. We have exchangers for solar energy, geothermal heat pumps and high and low temperature boilers. We supply and/or install.

Air Conditioning Methods


The console units are easily integrated into existing installations, with no need for construction work or minimal drilling if we decide to place them through the wall.

PSA dehumidifiers have been specifically designed for domestic and public swimming pools, decks, spas, jacuzzis, gyms and premises of any type in which it is necessary to control their humidity (degree of humidity). They are preferred in existing installations such as swimming pools, fitness rooms, wellness centres and wherever you want to control the humidity.

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