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At QualityPools we have everything you need to filter your pool, including spare parts and technical service for repairing pumps, filters, etc. We also have sand, filter glass, Zeolites, etc. And all kinds of filter material for the filter of the sewage treatment plant.

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Filtration is undoubtedly one of the most important functions of the pool, if not the most. When we filter the water, the impurities of the water are trapped in the sand (or other filtering materials) of the filter of the treatment plant. This is equivalent to cleaning and purifying the water. Without a good filtration/depuration, the treatments to disinfect the water are reduced to a minimum, because a water that is not well filtered is a source of germs proof of any treatment. A series of elements such as the pump, the filter, the filter material and the selector valve are involved in the filtration of the pool. Also essential are the accessories installed in the pool tank, i.e. skimmers, impulsion nozzles, sump, etc.

The pump has the function of aspirating the water and making it pass through the filtering material existing in the filter in order to, with the appropriate pressure and speed, allow the passage of the water, but not of its impurities. The pump can suck the water both through the skimmers and through the sump, however, it is advisable that most of the sucked water comes from the skimmers, this way the particles in suspension are collected, such as grease, skin remains, hair, etc.. The ideal is to open the key of the skimmers completely and the key of the sump partially, so we ensure the purification of all the water in the pool. The water, once filtered, returns to the swimming pool through the impulsion nozzles.

In the bathing season it is recommended to filter all the water in the pool, at least once a day. The hours of filtration will depend in part on the filtration capacity of the scrubber or filtration equipment. In Quality Pools we recommend to install a filtration equipment able to filter all the water of the swimming pool between four and six hours, always at a filtration speed and with an adequate pressure. For this to be possible, it is very important to correctly dimension the pump and the filter, and these with respect to the volume of the pool. In the same way it is advisable to put the treatment plant to work in two daily cycles, in this way the time of stagnation of the water is shortened.

We also have installers with extensive practical experience and qualified personnel to inform and advise when buying any element of the filtration / purification equipment of the pool.

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