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Qualitypools reinforced fabric is a safe and fast way to solve waterproofing problems, the best solution to renew or rehabilitate your pool.

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For swimming pools that for any reason lose water, the appearance on the market of reinforced fabric (not to be confused with liner) has been the best ideal solution to the problem, being able to guarantee one hundred percent watertightness of the pool repaired by this procedure. ARKOLPLAN 3000 reinforced fabric consists of two layers of flexible polyvinyl chloride (PVC-P) reinforced inside with a fibreglass fabric, treated to be resistant to U.V.A. rays and chemical products and with a 10 YEAR guarantee of watertightness.

In order to place it, it is necessary to replace all the accessories of the pool (skimmers, bottom drain, impulsion nozzles, spotlights, etc.) with special ones for reinforced fabric, which are provided with rubber gaskets and stainless steel screws forming a watertight joint. prior to the placement of the reinforced fabric, we carried out a pressure test on all the pipes, in order to be sure that when we finish the placement, the client has the complete security that his pool will not lose water again. In Cirino Swimming Pools, we have professionals trained in the factory itself of the fabric armed, to give solution to any type of pool, no matter how complicated their forms, even for overflowing pools.

There is a great diversity of colours, even simulating the gresite that once the pool is full, it is difficult to distinguish the difference. Recently, several imitations of the ARKOLPLAN 3000 armed fabric (from China, Taiwan, Israel, etc.) have appeared on the market, undoubtedly cheaper, but their quality leaves much to be desired.

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